Our trainers are qualified and experienced in handling American Pit Bull Terriers. "We love what we do, and we do it right!" There are different levels of training, and many packages to choose from. This can be explained in detail if training your new puppy is something you are interested in.

​If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 623-277-9393

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Warranties and Guarantees..........

All Chapa's Pits puppies leave our Kennel and enter their new home with a 7-day Communicable disease warranty. All puppies also come with a Lifetime Guarantee. You can rest assured knowing your new family member is Healthy and cleared of any sicknesses and disease. We Certify this for all puppies in writing.

Chapa's Pits

Pofessional Relationships..........

Chapa's Pits carries close relationships with our vetinarians. We provide "Health Cetificates" for all Puppies flying out of State to their new owners. All Chapa's Pits puppies also recieve only Quality Vet grade vaccines, and are sold with vaccine reports to all owners.

Experienced Trainers..........

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